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"Through innovative youth-led activities, YVS develops essential skills and knowledge for Vietnamese youth, empowering them to discuss and solve issues effectively."​



A series of workshops culminating in a large-scale conference


A debate competition for high school and university students

Mock Trial

Simulations developing knowledge of legal practices and procedures

Our projects


"The IChallenged training program on critical thinking, debate and public speaking has made a profound impact on me. I had the opportunity to share this exciting experience with other participants and together we raised our voices on important issues in society"

Quyen Luu - IChallenged participant

"Skills need to be trained, not just read in books, and IChallenged by YVS  has created an effective venue for that"

Lao Dong Newspaper

"They are a group of young people who devote much passion and enthusiasm in a very practical program for youth"

Youth Union Website

"This is a beneficial platform for the youth to become future public servants who can think critically, debate, and speak convincingly in front of the public."

CPV Newspaper

"The judges, sponsors and I are commited to continue our support towards nurturing young public speakers. Their characters and determination are the foundation of a sustanable and strong Vietnam."

Dr. Phan Quoc Viet - CEO Tam Viet Group

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