Vietnam is on its path of globalization. Facing social changes and the challenges that follow, Vietnamese youth should be prepared with essential skills and knowledge in order to find their right life paths and contribute to the country’s sustainable development. In that context, Youth’s View, Voice and Vision in Society (YVS) was founded on May 20, 2012 as a youth-led organization by a group of Vietnamese students with a passion for youth development.


YVS will become a strong and extensive network of capable youth across Vietnam who, with the support of experienced experts and relevant organizations, take concrete actions in order to create positive local and global impacts.


- Share rather than teach or train

- Discourses are based on a firm foundation of knowledge and skills

- Respect diverse viewpoints

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Through innovative youth-led activities, YVS develops essential skills and knowledge for Vietnamese youth, empowering them to discuss and solve pertinent issues effectively.


- Integrity

- Talent

- Passion

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Scope of Operations

The main target group is high school and college students within the age range of 16-22. The scope of impact starts from Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam – and gradually expands to other main cities as well as rural areas across Vietnam. YVS also strives to connect Vietnamese youth with youth in other countries, so that Vietnamese youth could learn from their peers and participate in solving global issues.


- YVS is organized by youth and for youth. YVS programs’ content, timeline, public relations, and finance are managed by YVS Board of Directors, elected by YVS members, with advice from sponsor organizations.
- YVS operates based on voluntariness and always adheres to the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

- All activities organized by YVS are non-discriminatory, does not serve to instigate negativity in terms of political, racial, military or religious issues.

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Mai Tung Lam

Mai Tung Lam

Head of Human Resources

Nguyen Thi Hai Yen

Nguyen Thi Hai Yen

President 2015

Hoang Thu Hang

Hoang Thu Hang

Head of PR & Communications

Vu Hong Nhung

Vu Hong Nhung

Head of Relations

Vu Phuong Nghi

Vu Phuong Nghi

Head of Program

Duong Tran

Duong Tran

Founder, Senior Mentor Former President 2012-2013

Hiep Nguyen

Hiep Nguyen

Senior Mentor Former President 2014

Quang Phan

Quang Phan

Senior Mentor Former Vice President 2014

"Avengers" - the founding team

Nga Le
Nga Le

Joining in YVS and organizing IChallenged 2012, I expect to help young people, first to improve their logic thinking and rhetoric skills, then to widen their knowledge and perspective about prominent social issues. I hope that IChallenged 2012 will provide young people with opportunity not only to express themselves but also to connect with others.

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Tung Hoang
Tung Hoang

Joining YVS and IChallenged, I want to meet new people and acquire different critical thinking, debate and public speaking methods. I hope that YVS's events, especially IChallenged 2012, will encourage the young talents to share creative and distinctive ideas, to express opinions on current social issues, and to contribute to the development of individuals as well as the entire society.

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Duong Tran
Duong Tran

The purpose when I and my friends founded YVS and organized IChallenged is to create an organized environment for Vietnamese youth to share critical thinking, debate, and public speaking skills, which are the foundation for the youth's self improvement, participation in current social issues, and the leading role in the country's development.​

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536,725     total Youtube views

15,823    total Facebook likes

300+      average number of participants per event


As of December 25, 2016


Dr. Duong Phu Hiep

Former Director - Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
Former Secretary General - National Council of Reasoning

Dr. Dao Duy Quat

Vice President - National Council of Reasoning, Literature and Art ​

Dr. Le Van Cuong

Vice President - Vietnam Scientific Association for Development of Talents, Human Resources (VSATH)

Dr. Nguyen Lan Dung

President - Vietnam Society for Biology

Mr. Duong Trung Quoc

Secretary General of Viet Nam's Association of Historians

Dr. Phan Quoc Viet

CEO - Tam Viet Group

Dr. Pham Thi Thanh Tam

Director - Institute of Research and Support for Company's Human Resources Development

Ms. Vu My Hanh

Founder - Vietnam Youth 2 Debate (Y2D)



Collaborative Partnership, Logistical Sponsor

Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility

Lang Opportunity Scholarship 2012

Dell Social Innovation Challenge

People's Choice Award 2013

Vietnam Scientific Association of Development for Talents and Human Resources

Legal sponsor

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YOLA - Anh ngữ Thông minh

Diamond Sponsor - Venue, funding sponsorship

Lao Dong Newspaper

Media sponsor

Summit Education Services

Venue sponsor

Tam Viet Group

Expertise Advisor

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