"Heritage - My generation"

IChallenged Talk - Participants worked in teams to deliver public speeches on topics decided by the judges and then answered questions from the judges and the audience.


IC Summit - a simulation of the ASEAN+3 summit. The participants represented 10 ASEAN countries and 3 others: Japan, South Korea and China. This was the first time an ASEAN+3 Summit simulation for youth was conducted entirely in Vietnamese.


IC Trial - a mock trial following the international law system. The participants made use of legal knowledge and debate skills to solve a criminal case from the organizers.



"I and my country"

20 main participants were selected to participate in 3 days of skill-training sessions and a final conference of about 400 audience members. IChallenged 2014 was the culmination of the first 2 years, which aimed to inspire youth to think critically about the most fundamental issues that Vietnam is facing and how youth can help Vietnam to become a developed country.



"Pause, stop and motion"

With the theme “Career directions for Vietnamese youth,” 18 main participants were selected from nearly 300 applications. They participated in 3 days of skilltraining sessions and presented their opinions on topics such as “Should we follow our passion or follow what society demands?”, “Should we introduce career lessons in high school curriculum?”, etc. to about 400 audience members on the last day.



""The perception of young people on Vietnamese traditional values in a modern context.""

24 outstanding young people were selected based on application and interview results to participate in IChallenged 2012.

In the first 04 days, participants experienced activities like learning basic thinking, debate and Public Speaking skills, group discussion, mock debate rounds and public speaking in the form of contests and games. The training sessions provided a useful platform for participants to learn from one another. In addition, participants also had a chance to learn from experienced guests and high-achieving youth in public speaking contests for students.

Participants had the chance to show their development in critical thinking, debate and public speaking skills after 04 days of training by presenting before the judges and 400 audiences. The conference welcomed experienced guests in the advisory board, the sponsors, the media and the public.



Critical thinking

"The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment."


"A formal discussion on a particular topic in which opposing arguments are put forward."

Public speaking

"The act of performing a speech directly to a live audience in order to inform, influence, or entertain."