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Mock Trial - simulated hearing was held for the first time by YVS in collaboration with ALSA - Asian Law Student Association in Vietnam. It is a relatively new concept in Vietnam, but has become popular among law students and college students in general in countries around the world.  The simulation is a venue for students to explore and present arguments in specific legal cases. They stand to gain more knowledge about the structure of a trial under US law, which is especially helpful for students interested in learning more about legal system in the US. They can also hone rhetoric skills in the legal context.
Each session has two main types of participants:
 1. Members directly involved in the court debate: members of YVS and ALSA
 2. Witnesses at the trial: the students who are interested in and concerned about legal procedures and debates


Critical thinking

"The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment."


"A formal discussion on a particular topic in which opposing arguments are put forward."

Public speaking

"The act of performing a speech directly to a live audience in order to inform, influence, or entertain."

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