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IChallenged 2012

Overall theme

"The perception of young people on Vietnamese traditional values in a modern context."

Purpose​ • Recruiting young people who have good thinking, debating and public speaking skills and the enthusiasm to become core members of YVS to contribute to replicate the scope of the project. • The annual playground for young people both at home and abroad to express their views on issues directly relating to the their generation. • Attract the attention and extensive support of donors, the media and the public to the movement of thinking , debating and public speaking development among youth.

​Participants​ - Vietnamese young people aged between 16 and 22 - Interested in social issues related to youth development - Desire to develop thinking , debating and public speaking skills - Eager to share their views

Venue • RMIT International University Vietnam, No. 521 Kim Ma, Hanoi

Time From 25/7 to 29/7/2012 • First 4 days: from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm • Conference in 29/7: from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm​

24 outstanding young people were selected based on application and interview results to participate in IChallenged 2012. The program includes 04 days of training and 01 day of conference (conducted entirely in Vietnamese) ​

Day 1: Thinking skill Day 2: Debate skill Day 3: Public Speaking skill Day 4: All skills practice, review and prepare for the conference

In the first 04 days, participants experienced activities like learning basic thinking, debate and Public Speaking skills, group discussion, mock debate rounds and public speaking in the form of contests and games. The training sessions provided a useful platform for participants to learn from one another. In addition, participants also had a chance to learn from experienced guests and high-achieving youth in public speaking contests for students.

On Critical Thinking day, YVS expected that 24 members would know how to have a multifacet view to matters, how to raise questions when facing problems as well as how to recognize common mistakes when making any arguments.​​

The first lesson in Critical Thinking day was to understand that from different facets, we would have totally different viewpoints. By acting game, they had a more broad and accurate view. Moreover, they were aware of Socrates questionnaires and common mistakes in arguing. They realized that sometimes they took many things in life for granted or sometimes they argue unpersuasively. Realizing that, we will have deeper and more thorough view upon analyzing any problems. ​

Participants were really eager and totally burned when joining activities in Critical Thinking day. Although it was the first day, 24 members of Ichallenged 2012 did quickly make friends and get familiar with each other. Besides, all joiners are really active in give straight feedbacks to perfect the next days of programs.

On Debate day, YVS hoped that 24 joiners did gain the way to debate logically and persuatively through lessons about approaching problems, building theoritical points as well as arguing skills. ​ By comparing between buying a house and debating, 24 members did understand that the very first task to do when discussing is not raising arguments, but making questions and giving definitions for subjects. Building theoretical points in a clear structure and persuasive way was also guided. Lastly, joiners learnt how to defense an argument effectively. In order to apply this knowledge, 24 members could join 2 trial attractive discussions about interesting subjects. In the same day, members also had an oppoturnity to learn to American Parliamentary Debate model. Practicing discussion in a standard model helped them to realize that discussion was not merely raising ideas immediately but arranging ideas logically, reasonably and persuatively with strategic allocation among members so as to maximum results of each member’s speech. At the end of the day, although being tired, every joiner was still full of ideas and argurments. Knowledge about debate inspire them to dig deep in discussion field – a very helful activity for young people.

After two days of Critical Thinking and Debate, YVS expected that Public Speaking Day will bring interesting experiences for 24 members through trial activities and sharing, which encourages them to be more confident when standing in a crowd and speaking out their personal views.

In Public Speaking day, members could speak out their thoughts, imagination about Public Speaking, and more importantly, they could share their fearness and the ways to overcome them. Especially, members could understand that only when we have passion, can we persuade other people. In other words, “we have to persuade ourself first”. Public Speaking day also recommended members how to perfect their speeches by adjusting their gestures, voice tones and eye glints.

Public Speaking day of IChallenged 2012 also had the participation of Dr. Phan Quoc Viet and famous Vlogger duhocsinhmy. Sharing of honor visitors impressed much on members.

At the end of Public Speaking day, in stead of being worried, 24 members felt eager and more confident upon preparation for 350 listeners in Workshop day- IChallenged 2012. YVS hoped that this spirit not only last for Workshop day but also become a passion for them in the furture.

Day 5: Conference - "The perception of young people on Vietnamese traditional values in modern context." Participants had the chance to show their development in critical thinking, debate and public speaking skills after 04 days of training by presenting before the judges and 400 audiences. The conference welcomed experienced guests in the advisory board, the sponsors, the media and the public.

IChallenged 2012 Conference was a opportunity for the young people to present their multi-dimensional perspectives on social issues. In addition, this was also a place where young people expressed their Critical thinking, debate, and Public Speaking- skills that are quite new but essential for Vietnamese youths.

On 29 July 2012, after 04 days of practice Critical thinking skills, debate and Public Speaking, 24 members of the program IChallenged 2012 stepped onto the stage, in front of more than 400 spectators as well as experienced experts to present on the topic: “The perception of young people on the Vietnamese traditional values in a modern context”. After the opening remarks by Prof. Duong Phu Hiep, the former Director of the Institute of Asia-Pacific, the former Secretary General of the Central Theoretical Council, Advisor to the Government, six teams entered the presentations with 03 themes: (1). Degrees is a determinant of people’s success? (2). Family tradition of generations should be restored and promote? (3). Should we set the mandatory targets on the community activities for pupils and students? Each topic was discussed by a for and an against team - through which listeners would be more multi-dimensional look to the problem. Their performances also received positive comments from Prof. Duong Phu Hiep, Dr. Pham Thi Thanh Tam and Dr. Phan Quoc Viet. ​ Following heated contest of 24 contestants, the guests were invited to the talk with a very hot topic now: self-fish lifestyle or another for the community among youth. Seminar with the participation of Prof. Duong Phu Hiep, Dr. Pham Thi Thanh Tam as well as young people at home and abroad had different effects for audiences.

​ At the end of the program, despite of winning and losing, young people were lit up with enthusiasm, indulgence to learn more about Critical thinking, Debate and Public Speaking as well as to have deeper thoughts about the Vietnamese traditional values in a modern society.

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